From Rev. Ellen Jennings


Today I want to celebrate the sun.  There has been so much darkness, in so many ways, that I need to celebrate the light.  For it is always with us.  Even when hidden by the clouds.   

We can be light to one another as well.  As I preached last Sunday: We are called, in our pain, to be in solidarity with each other, a place of sanctuary for each other, a place of refuge and healing.  Our broken hearts drive us out into the world to heal it, and in healing it we heal ourselves (Rev. CONTINUE READING

A Warm Welcome to All

Please join us for worship Sundays at 10:30 am. We offer childcare and Sunday School for all ages and welcome all to our lively Coffee Hour following the service. Here’s what’s happening in the life of our congregation:

Teen Group Sunday; Middle School Youth Group, 2/26

Coffee Hour Conversation: Armor Down Project, 2/26—Ben King, veteran of the Iraq War and founder of Armor Down and The Mindful Memorial Day Foundation, will describe how he is helping himself and others to “armor down” from their war experience, while bringing together veterans and civilians to mindfully honor the fallen. CONTINUE READING

From Our Moderator

Evangelism? Part I

At a recent meeting, our crackerjack Communications Committee strategized a bit about reaching out to our community, particularly with the goal of attracting potential members. That led to a discussion of — shudder — evangelism, often a dirty word for churches like ours. It conjures up images of threats of hell, social pressure, conservative politics, and fervent altar calls, the kinds of things many of us came to the UCC to avoid. CONTINUE READING

We Are Open & Affirming


No matter where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.