From Rev. Ellen Jennings

End of Winter Greetings~


Yes, it truly is the “end” of winter— despite this evening’s weather forecast. Tomorrow is the Spring Equinox, the crocuses have emerged, and Easter is only two weeks away!


In the meanwhile, we’ll continue to explore this year’s Lenten theme, Everything’s New, by including some new versions of traditional songs, prayers and rituals in worship. For instance, the translation of the Lord’s Prayer we’re using this Sunday is from the New Zealand Prayer Book (Anglican tradition), whereas the one we used the last two Sundays was from Quaker theologian and educator, Parker J. CONTINUE READING

Holy Week Events

We’ll celebrate Palm Sunday on 3/29, continue with a Maundy Thursday Supper & Service on 4/2, take time to honor Good Friday on 4/3, and come together for a joyful celebration of Easter on 4/5.


See following for more information:


Palm Sunday, 3/29—We’ll gather for a 10:30 am service that honors both the Passion and the Palms.


Maundy Thursday, 4/2—Join us for a simple meal and shared “last supper” communion (6-7:00 pm), followed by a Tenebrae Service of song, scripture and silence (7-7:30 pm). CONTINUE READING

From Our Moderator

A thought on “retreating” . . .

When Ellen announced that she was rescheduling the Lenten retreat, my initial reaction was “Yay! Now I can go!” I then realized that I had another conflict: the Shaw Community Ministry’s Annual Heritage Play. For months now, I’ve been painting the scenery for the play with the children in the after-school program, and there’s no way I can miss it.

Why not do both? Yes, I will be rushing from one place to the other and an hour or so late for the retreat, but won’t I need a little “retreating” after all of the hard work I’ve put into the play and the chaos of the day? CONTINUE READING

We Are Open & Affirming


No matter where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.