From Rev. Ellen Jennings

May Greetings~

A few days ago I was speaking with a friend who said she’s reveling in her backyard: just sitting, looking up at the trees, with their new green leaves against the blue or gray sky. And this completely resonated with me. For, having recently purchased a lounge chair as a Mother’s Day gift to myself, I’ve been sitting and watching the trees as well. And there’s something about them that’s just so soothingly green. CONTINUE READING


This is the Season celebrating the moment when the Holy Spirit so powerfully filled the followers of Jesus (from many different countries and cultures) that they were able to understand each other’s language. Join us this Sunday, 5/31, for a Spirit-filled service and dedication of our gorgeous new Sanctuary banners. A Visitor Information Session will take place beforehand (9:30 am), and all are welcome to join Pastor Ellen for coffee & bagels to find our more about our wonderful church! CONTINUE READING

From Our Moderator

Moderating moderately . . .

It’s a busy week for me in another department of my life, so I’m doing a bit less at CPC. Just a couple of quick requests to help the workings of the church keep running smoothly:

The Member Care Committee is looking for more people to help drive some of our members to church on Sunday mornings. Of immediate need is one person/family to regularly drive one Sunday a month. Back-up drivers to fill in when regular drivers encounter a conflict are also needed. CONTINUE READING

We Are Open & Affirming


No matter where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.