Recent Sermons

Sermon- Knowledge and Peace 3.5.17

Rev. Ellen Jennings Genesis 2:15-17, 3:1-7 I love Ash Wednesday. I believe it’s one of the most meaningful services of the church year. But it happens mid-week, on an evening. Which means it doesn’t draw a large crowd. So, every year, I think: I should share the Ash Wednesday message on a Sunday. Which is, in part, what I’ll be doing this morning, the first Sunday of Lent. But, first, a short primer on Lent, itself. The word, “Lent,” comes from the Anglo Saxon, lencten, meaning Continue Reading

Sermon- Sanctuary 2.19.17

Rev. Ellen Jennings    Will you be my refuge, My haven in the storm, Will you keep the embers warm When my fire’s all but gone? Will you remember And bring me sprigs of rosemary Be my sanctuary ‘Til I can carry on Carry on Carry on   In a state of true believers, On streets called us and them, It’s gonna take some time ‘Til the world feels safe again.   ~ from Sanctuary, Carrie Newcomer And from Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Continue Reading

Sermon- Love and Resistance 2.12.17

Rev. Ellen Jennings   1 Corinthians 3: 10-11, 16-23       Matthew 5:38-48   My son, Teddy, has reread and re-watched Tolkien’s Ring trilogy so many times it’s become a family joke. Then again, our dog is named after Frodo the Ring-Bearer’s faithful companion, Samwise, so I guess we’ve all been influenced by this famous fantasy. Which explains why, this Winter of 2017, I’m inspired to quote Frodo as he talks to the wise wizard, Gandalf: I Continue Reading

Sermon- What Next? 1.29.17

Rev. Ellen Jennings  Matthew 5:1-12 Micah 6:1-8 I’m sure some of you, wiser than I, managed to make it through this week without experiencing a single bout of apoplexy. Perhaps you went so far as to take significant breaks from the news media. Or maybe you watched or read something that has nothing to do with the current political situation. I did not manage this. Now, I know there are those who think pastors should be more spiritually and less societally focused, but I’m Continue Reading

Sermon- Where We Live 1.22.17

Rev. Ellen Jennings Isaiah 9:1-4 Matthew 4:12-23 This is a story. This is a story of a woman who tried to figure out how the Kingdom of God could be “right here, among us, for anyone who seeks it,” as we say in our communion liturgy each month. She just couldn’t figure out, especially now, how God’s Kingdom could be “right here.”  So, she struggled. And she knew a lot of other people who were struggling as well. Clergy, lay people, family, friends. None of them was quite sure Continue Reading