From Rev. Ellen Jennings

Lenten Greetings~
As I preached last Sunday, following Ash Wednesday, we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden!  Meaning, if we’re going to do God’s work in the world (which is different from our own self-centered agendas), we’re going to need to refuel, regularly, back in God’s garden.

“It’s not that all the urgent issues in our country and our world aren’t urgent.  They are.  And, though there may be no “new” issues under the sun, I think we can agree that this winter they’ve intensified.  My point is not that we have the luxury of taking a break.  No.  There’s more than enough work to be done.  My point is: if we do not take a break, we’ll be unable to keep going.  If we do not take a break, we’ll forget to connect with God and God’s desire for the world.  And if this Genesis story teaches us anything, it’s that, when we disconnect our desires from God’s, things do not end well.

We’re here for such a short while, my friends.  And, while here, we are called to do God’s work—of love and peace and justice.  To do so, we must stay strong, be brave, remain vulnerable, and act with open and loving hearts.  But, we’re only human.  And we get tired.  We need to rest and restore, to be reminded of our connection with God and all that is.  And, it’s in God’s garden that we earth creatures, we adamah, can best do that, can best remember and regain our connection, reenergizing to repair the world.”

For the entire sermon, go to: Knowledge and Peace

If you’re looking for a way to rest this Lenten Season, please join me for our Lenten Retreat this Saturday, 3/11, from 1:30 to 5:00 pm.  We’ll pray, sing, meditate, journal, and connect with other spiritual seekers.  RSVP:

If you’re looking for an opportunity to serve, I invite you to one of the following:

Short-term Task Force on Immigrants & Refugees: Our Mission & Social Action Committee is already working to address hunger, poverty, homelessness, LGBT and environmental concerns, so they need help with this new and urgent issue.  If you’d like to participate, email

Support our Children and Youth: Right now, our Sunday School Committee has TWO members.  If we want quality programming for our children, then we must have more people involved.  If you already assist with the Sunday School class then you’re a perfect candidate: you know what’s going on and can offer input and suggestions.  If you’ve never stepped foot in our Sunday School, that’s fine, too: we’re always looking for bright new ideas!  The committee meets every other month.  Please email:
May the God of all that is bless us and all that is!

You are Greatly Loved,
Pastor Ellen

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Lenten Retreat, 3/11—We’ll gather from 1:30 to 5:00 pm for a restful retreat in this season of introspection and intention.  Come prepared to pray, sing, meditate, journal, rest and connect with other spiritual seekers.  RSVP:

Cabinet Meeting, 3/12—We’ll meet in the library after worship.  This is the bi-monthly meeting of our church’s lay leadership, and all are welcome!

Teen Group, 3/12—Teens will meet for breakfast and discussion during worship.  Afterward, they’ll go to lunch and “Escape Room” for an afternoon of imaginative game play.

DMV Sanctuary Congregations Training, 3/13—Join Pastor Ellen and Lisa Jenkins from 6:00 to 9:00 pm at All Souls Unitarian Church on 16th St. to learn more about how our congregation can help refugees and immigrants in this challenging national environment.

Lenten Supper and Service, 3/16—Join Pastor Ellen next Thursday at Plymouth Congregational UCC, an historic African American congregation on N. Capitol St. in DC, for an evening of fellowship and teaching.  Dinner begins at 6:00 and Ellen will preach at the 7:00 pm service.

Dinner and a Movie, 3/31— When a reporter meets a talented but homeless musician, he thinks he’s found a great story.  Instead, the musician has real hopes and demons, and changing his life will be a challenge for them both.  We’ll talk about stories, demons, and doing good.  The Soloist (2009) stars Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr.  Simple supper at 6:30 pm and film at 7:00 pm.  Please sign up in the parlor or at by Wednesday, 3/29.

Coffee Hour Conversation: Transgender in These Times, 4/2—Join LJ Ingram, Chair of the UCC Potomac Association’s LGBTQ Task Force and a transgender woman, for a discussion about transgender issues.  She’ll share some stories from her personal journey and suggest a variety of ways that we, as allies, can support and advocate for transgender individuals in our churches, schools, workplace and world.