What We Believe

Cleveland Park Congregational Church is a member of the United Church of Christ, a mainstream Protestant denomination.  Our church was founded in 1918 and has been active in the life of Cleveland Park and Washington D.C. area ever since.

We are a church that is always stretching and growing, trying to be faithful to God’s call to love our neighbor as ourselves. Like other Congregational, UCC churches, we  arrived early on issues of justice and equality.  For example, our Pastor performed a marriage of two long time members as soon as the District of Columbia passed the Religious Freedom And Civil Marriage Equality Amendment.

Congregationalists were the first to ordain an African-American Pastor (1785), a woman (1853), an openly gay person (1972) and the first to affirm same-gender marriage equality (2005).

We believe faith requires tenderness and courage, a kind of big love that is committed to changing people’s lives, not just in our church, but also in the world around us.  We call it religion with relevance.

Our Faith is over two thousand years old.  Our thinking is not.

Our Covenant is to bind ourselves together in all ways, as God reveals them to us through his word of truth.

Our Message to all is simple:  God is still speaking.  Never place a period where God has placed a comma.

Our Welcome to all is emphatically open and affirming.  We also host the best coffee hour in Christendom.  Late for church?  No problem.  We’re still serving love, fellowship, and conversation.

Our Children are God’s most precious gift.  If you have a child, we have a place for him or her in our hearts, our worship service, and our Sunday School.

Our Worship reflects our inclusive, united and uniting church.  Sing in our choir, read the scripture for us, play your violin, speak to us, or just sit among us in prayer and celebration.

Our Mission is to nurture love of God and love of neighbor in the world.  We do this by reaching out to one another, to our city’s at-risk populations, and to those in need in our nation and the world.  Volunteer with us to make a difference.

Our Community celebrates our diverse interests and gifts.  Twenty-something?  Reader?  Play bridge?  Poet?  Stressed-out and need a retreat?  If you have an affinity, we have a group for you.

Our Doors are extra wide.  After all, Jesus was a carpenter and we have room for you.

Our church was founded in 1918 as a fellowship devoted to worship, teaching and service.

Members of the congregation come from a variety of religious backgrounds and share a commitment to these goals. We seek to balance the traditional aspects of Christianity–faith and study, prayer and social action.

We look forward to your visit!